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Michelle Obama 'didn't turn President down' on kiss-cam

Michelle and Barack Obama are shown on the kiss-cam at a basketball game. Photo: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

US First Lady Michelle Obama explained that she did not turn Barack Obama down when the kiss-cam zoomed in on them at a basketball game.

She told NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that she had just sat down next to her husband when she saw her face on the big screen but didn't realise they were supposed to kiss.

Mrs Obama said their daughter Malia came over after they got booed for not kissing and "she was just disgusted with us" so set it up so her parents could have another shot.

The First Lady has just returned from the UK where she was leading the US delegation at the Olympic Games.

She described the Opening Ceremony as "really cool" during her appearance on the show.

Sheep featured in Danny Boyle's Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Games. Credit: PA Wire

When asked if she understood what was going on in Danny Boyle's spectacular she said: "It was the story of the creation of the nation."

Leno joked that it was "disconcerting watching at home when a sheep walks out".