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Barack Obama has more Klout than Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is no longer more influential than Barack Obama according to Klout. Photo: Lewis Whyld/PA Archive

Teenage popstar Justin Bieber is no longer more influential than US President Barack Obama, according to a website that claims to measure online influence.

Since 2008, Klout has ranked social media users with a score between 1 and 100 to represent how much influence they exert.

Until recently, Bieber had a perfect 100 while Obama was on 94.

However, the website has undergone a major overhaul recently - mainly by pulling in data from Wikipedia entries to better reflect a person's status in the real world - and the US President now outscores the popstar by 99 to 92.

Barack Obama now scores 99 on Klout. Credit: REUTERS/Jason Reed

How Klout works

  • The Klout Score, as it is known, is now based on 400 variables, including:
  • How many Twitter followers a user has.
  • How often a person's Twitter or Facebook post gets re-circulated.
  • Analysis of a person's LinkedIn profile - for example, a user whodescribes themselves as a company "vice president" or other high-level title may find their Klout score boosted.

The overhaul began in January as part of the company's efforts to address criticism that the score did not accurately portray the influence a person has in the real world.

The result is that Klout now processes 12 billion bits of data every day from social networks including Facebook, Google Plus and Tumblr, up from 1 billion just months ago.

Klout, which sells insights about web users to companies, has caught the attention of major advertisers including carmakers such as Chevrolet who want to identify influential people tweeting about cars, and market to them directly.

How Obama and Bieber compare on Twitter

  • Number of followers: Obama - over 18.5m; Bieber - over 26.6m.
  • Number of tweets: Obama - over 5,300; Bieber - over 17,700.
  • Number of people they are following: Obama - over 674,000; Bieber - over 123,000.