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Rapper warns: 'Lose the headphones' at rail crossings

Professor Green has joined forces with Network Rail on the campaign 'Lose Your Headphones'. Photo: PA Wire

Rapper Professor Green has warned people of the dangers of wearing headphones while using level crossings.

The rapper joined forces with Network Rail on a campaign which encourages people to remove their headphones at level crossings so they are not distracted from warnings about approaching trains.

The campaign - Lose Your Headphones - features Professor Green in a video which will appear on the music streaming service Spotify as well as being promoted via social media sites such as Twitter.

Network Rail said two people died this year at footpath crossings where it was thought they were wearing headphones.

In the past five years, train drivers or railway staff have reported 19 incidents where pedestrians, joggers or cyclists wearing headphones have crossed the railway, seemingly oblivious to the approaching train.