Long wait for patients as MPs decide on right to die

The Government has said it has deep sympathy for locked-in sufferer, Tony Nicklinson. But today it opposed his case in the High Court agreeing with judges that it should be up to Parliament to decide any changes to the law. And because Parliament hasn't voted to legalise either assisted suicide or voluntary euthanasia - which is what Tony Nicklinson's case is about because he couldn't physically kill himself - the Ministry of Justice says it would have been wrong for the courts to over-ride Parliament.

Tony Nicklinson

Now next year the former Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer will introduce a Private Members Bill in the Lords on assisted suicide under strict guidelines, which could win political support. But even he told me he wouldn't want to go as far as backing voluntary euthanasia.

The truth is this whole area is highly emotive and sensitive - it divides both public and political opinion. I think it will be some time yet before we see any real change in the law.

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