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Swansea chef releases 40 year old lobster back into the sea

Swansea chef Anthony Christopher will be releasing the lobster - named after his mother - back into the sea Photo: ITV News Wales

A Swansea chef is to release a lobster he purchased back into the sea - because he can't bring himself to cook it.

The crustacean weighs in at six pounds but is estimated to be worth around £120 on customers' plates.

Merial has been named after Anthony's mother after he joked they 'both get their claws out' Credit: ITV News Wales

Anthony Christopher is so fond of the creature that he has named it after his mother Merial, joking: "Once they both get their claws out there's no telling the difference between them!"

Anthony says he believes Merial the lobster is around 40-50 years old, adding: "A lobster that old deserves to get back to the sea for a second chance."