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'Miracle' of man who survived having a 2m steel rod through his skull

Doctors in Brazil said a construction worker survived and is lucid after a 2 metre (6 foot) steel rod fell from above and punctured his head on Wednesday.

The bar, weighing 300 kilograms (660 pounds), fell from a fifth floor of a building under construction and pierced Eduardo's hat through the back of his head exiting between his eyes.

His eyes were not damaged.

Eduardo Leite survived after being pierced through his skull by a 2-metre rod Credit: Reuters

Twenty-four-year-old Eduardo Leite was taken to Rio de Janeiro's Miguel Couto Hospital where doctors successfully carried out a five-hour surgery to remove the rod from his head.

Dr Luiz Aleandre Essinger, who treated Eduardo, said:

He responded very well to the surgery and so far, he is doing very well, he's lucid, in good spirits, he ate and he moves is arms and legs.

But now, the risk moving forward over the next few days will be in relation to any infection.

It is a very uncommon injury this type of trauma, a steel rod that goes through the patient's brain. It enters through the top of the head and goes out between the eyes. The fact that the patient arrived here lucid and talking is incredible.

After withdrawing the object, he remains in good condition, moving his arms and legs, it is truly a miracle.