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South-east set to bask in highest temperatures since 2005

A man sunbathes at London's Hyde Park. Photo: Press Association

The southeast continues to be influenced by hot continental air. This means the weekend will remain hot and humid, with some muggy nights to come.

The rest of Saturday will be bright with some hot sunshine, and just a small risk of a shower. Temperatures will reach 29C. Tonight will be very warm and humid, with temperatures in the centre of the capital dipping no lower than 18C – making it feel rather uncomfortable for some.

Tomorrow dawns bright and warm, the air will heat up very quickly. So by mid-afternoon temperatures will reach 30C, if they peak at 31C (which is more than possible), it will be the hottest day of the year so far. Again there is a small chance of a shower, but most places remain dry and bright.

High pressure remains in charge into next week, so Monday through until Wednesday will be bright, and warm with temperatures 25C on Monday and Tuesday, 23C by Wednesday.

There is still a lot of uncertainly about the coming bank holiday weekend weather, so its probably worth making the most of this sunny weather whilst it lasts.

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