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Bristol street transformed into open-air graffiti exhibition

Graffiti work by urban artists Nychos and Flying Fortress Photo: Plaster Communications/PA Wire

Thousands of people flocked to Bristol this weekend to see the streets transformed into a showcase of work by graffiti artists from around the world.

A total of 40 urban artists - including Mr Jago, Flying Fortress, Nychos and Mark Bode - have spent the last week repainting Nelson Street.

More than 3,500 cans of spray paint have reportedly been used to transform some of Bristol's normally grey and derelict buildings into a spectacle of colour.

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Mr Jago creating his artwork on Nelson Street, in Bristol city centre Credit: Plaster Communications/PA Wire

All but three of the vibrant images that transformed 22 buildings at the event last summer have been painted over in black and grey ahead of the festival.

Last year projectors were brought in to help artists create graffiti on buildings up to 10 storeys high. This year, the artists used cherry-pickers in what has become the largest street project in the UK.

The theme of the street art is 'Super Heroes' Credit: Alexandra Lodge

Art lovers enjoyed a day-long New York-style block party on Saturday and a family-friendly viewing day today.

Both days saw perfect weather as the UK basked in some of the hottest temperatures so far this year.

Bristol has a strong pedigree in the world of street art, as stencil artist Banksi did most of his early work here.

In 2006, Bristol residents took part in a poll organised by the council to decide whether a piece of Banksi's work should be painted over. 93% of people polled voted in favour of keeping it.

See No Evil is part of the London 2012 Festival - a summer-long arts festival throughout the country to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.