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'Dirty Dancing' celebrates its 25th anniversary

'Dirty Dancing' released 25 years ago today Photo: PA

One of the most popular films of all time celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary today. 'Dirty Dancing' has become famous for its raunchy dance scenes and immortal one-liner "nobody puts Baby in a corner". The soundtrack alone sold 42 million copies worldwide with the hit song "Time of My Life" earning an Oscar.

It began as a low budget film from an unknown studio with no big star names. It almost didn't get made as producer Linda Gottlieb had to pitch the idea to 43 Hollywood executives before getting the green light. Since then it's grossed more than $200 million. It made an international star of its lead actor Patrick Swayze, who died 3 years ago.

Patrick Swayze, star of 'Dirty Dancing' Credit: PA

"Looking back on it, even though it was really hard to pull off and hard to shoot and we were choreographing it round the clock when we weren't shooting, and trying to turn a sweet little movie into something that really had something to say, we really did do a little magic here and I'm proud of it."

– Patrick Swayze speaking in 1997

Cast and crew members attended a celebration party in Los Angeles to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the film's release. Jennifer Grey, who played the part of Baby, was visibly moved talking about the film and how it has become part of so many lives.

'Dirty Dancing' has influenced reality TV shows, musicals and many a newlywed couple who try to recreate the final dance scene of the film at their wedding. The film has continued to entertain new generations. In 2006, a stage version of the film broke box office records in the West End with advance sales topping £15 million, leading to a successful national tour.