Apple versus Samsung in clash of the technology titans

Sales of smart phones have rocketed in the last few years Photo: Yui Mok/PA

So who is the copycat in technology's biggest dog fight?

It is the clash of technology's titans. Apple claims Samsung ripped off its patents. Meanwhile, Samsung says Apple infringed its technology rights.

Amid boxes of complex evidence, tonight a Californian jury has the task of settling a clash between corporate giants.

Here's an outline of their respective claims:

  • Apple says Samsung stole the overall look of the iPhone and iPad for its phones and tablets along with the home screen layout and various ways of navigating by tapping and pinching the touchscreen.
  • Samsung claims Apple violated its patents for multi-tasking and also for selecting and emailing photos. It also says Apple stole its 3G technology for downloading data faster.
The Apple iPhone Credit: Daniel Law/PA Wire

As sales of consumer electronics boom, rapid advances have led to a global turf war.

There have been 30 court clashes already between Apple and Samsung. These battles absorb money that could be used developing new products.

Court judgments could, in the long run, restrict sales or add to costs, so there are fears that the ultimate losers will be the consumers.

Beyond the courts, the real battle is for millions of users, and that fight can only get more intense.

A Samsung Galaxy SII smart phone Credit: Yui Mok/PA