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Weather forecast for the Bank Holiday weekend

The Bank Holiday weekend weather is looking very changeable Photo: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

The Bank Holiday weekend is looking to be very changeable – with no two days the same!

On Saturday, today’s rain will drift into northern England.

Ahead of the rain, most of Scotland and Northern Ireland will be much cooler with slowmoving showers, sometimes heavy.

Most of England and Wales will be plagued by hefty showers, with some prolonged and thundery downpours.

Southern counties will become increasingly windy, with strong gusts along Channel coasts.

Sunday is looking to be the best day of the long weekend. It’ll be drier for the majority with a chance of brighter skies and the winds across the south will ease leaving a calmer day.

On Monday, things deteriorate again as another batch of windy, wet weather sweeps in from the west.

Temperatures will be a little on the low side for the time of year too.

So, all in all, typical Bank Holiday weather!