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Ann Romney to give speech at Republican convention on Tuesday

Ann Romney at a campaign rally in Michigan Photo: Brian Snyder / Reuters

Ann Romney, who is due to give a speech at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, has embraced a homemaker image so far on the campaign trail.

She's been seen baking pies and serving her grandmother's cakes on the campaign bus, but the 63 year old mother of five refuses to be pigeonholed.

In 1967, Ann began studying at Brigham Young University in Utah. Around this time, Mitt Romney had delayed his university studies in order to carry out a missionary role in France, and she saw him there during a semester abroad in the mountains near Grenoble.

After going back to university, the couple were married in a civil ceremony in 1969, and took their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Following the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, Mitt Romney announced his bid for Massachusetts governor. Mrs Romney largely avoided media interviews, but was active behind the scenes.

She also worked on his campaign team in his unsuccessful bid to win the Republican nomination in 2008, when he won 11 primaries and caucuses.

After this Mrs Romney begged her husband not to run again, but changed her mind when asking him about changing America's economic policy.