Mitt Romney needs to give the speech of his life

There's a rumour going around the Convention that Mitt Romney has lost his voice. Well, not exactly. Rather that the Republican candidate is hoarse after so much campaigning.

Mitt Romney talks with his wife Ann during the 2012 Republican National Convention Credit: Reuters

That's unfortunate and along with the arrival of Hurricane Isaac will suggest the Republican jinx is continuing.

Whatever the strength of his voice, when Romney speaks tonight at 10pm East Coast time - 3am UK time - he needs to give the speech of his life.

Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan Credit: Reuters

His running mate Paul Ryan electrified the Republican faithful. That's good news for those wanting a fresh, dynamic face for 2016. But it's dangerous for Romney in 2012. It sets the bar dangerously high.

There's a real risk that Romney will under-perform tonight. It may leave the activists and conservatives in the hall wishing that Ryan was at the top of the ticket and Romney his running mate.