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Mo Farah reveals twin daughters inspired Olympic golds

Double Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah. Photo: Press Association

Olympic hero Mo Farah has revealed he was driven to win double gold so his newly-born twins would have one each.

The long distance star won the nation's hearts with his triumphs in the 5,000m and 10,000m finals just days before the girls were born and said they were the spur to his victories.

He told ITV1 chat show host Jonathan Ross tonight: "I wanted to work so hard for them. To give one a gold medal, the other would have been left out. I was thinking I definitely have to do it for my girls."

Mo Farah with Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Gareth Malone on The Jonathan Ross show. Credit: ITV

The champion runner said he was enjoying being a father, but although he was trying to be hands-on, his wife Tania was having to take care of the tots when they awake in the night.

"It's very exciting. It's all going well. I just can't believe it," he said.

"I'm doing my bit, I'm doing what I can but it's not easy. My wife has been doing the night shifts and I've been doing the morning."

Just days ago he said he would be having the names of his new-borns engraved on each of the medals, although he is yet to reveal their names.

During his appearance on tonight's The Jonathan Ross Show, he joked: "One's Jonathan and one's Ross."

Mo Farah with his wife Tania following his 10,000m final win. Credit: Press Association

Farah also said he was trying desperately to keep his focus on his athletic goals when it emerged publicly that he had a twin brother during London 2012.

"I'd never said anything about it," he said of his brother, Hassan.

"It was a private issue. It just came out before the 5,000m, so I was getting calls and I was thinking 'not now - Olympics'."

Farah, who has become known for his "mobot" celebration following his wins, also explained why he began doing sit-ups on the track following his victory. They were in response to 100m and 200m champion Usain Bolt's celebration."Bolt did press ups and I was like 'yeah'. I thought I'd do that to match it - I did more than him I think."