Banking sector is 'bloated' and 'inefficient' says Lloyds boss

Lloyds boss Anotonio Horso-Ortario has launched a broadside at the banking industry Photo: Peter Byrne/PA Archive/Press Association Images

'Complacent', 'bloated' and 'inefficient' - a pretty tough verdict on the banking sector - not from one of the bank's usual critics but from one of the UK's leading bankers.

Tonight Lloyds boss Antonio Horso-Ortario has launched a broadside at the banking industry, saying change is overdue.

Of all of the bank chief executives it's not entirely surprising that Lloyds has chosen to make such a public statement. Compared to its competitors the size of its 'casino' or investment banking operations is small.

Chief executive of Lloyds Banking Group Antonio Horta-Osorio Credit: Hugo Philpott/PA Wire

And the bank wants to rebuild its brand and trust on the virtues of safe, if boring traditional banking.

Yet it is significant that his intervention comes right now when all the banks are struggling to get to grips with a series of scandals.

With regulators around the world on the banks' case, and Westminster's independent commission on banking about to get underway Orsario clearly wants to position Lloyds as 'getting it'.