MoD agonised over the media plan for Harry for months

Prince Harry has arrived at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan on a four-month deployment. Photo: John Stillwell/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Last time he was calling in the air support. This time he will be the air support.

Last time Prince Harry was at a small patrol base in the middle of Helmand Province.

This time, he will live at the main British base, Camp Bastion - home to thousands of British personnel.

Last time his deployment to Afghanistan was shrouded in secrecy.This time the world has been told about the Prince's tour of duty just after he arrived.There are many reasons for the change of approach and the Ministry of Defence has agonised over the media plan for Prince Harry for months.

Those military plans were rigourous but the risk assessement has suggested to Generals that this time, the publicity surrounding Prince Harry can be different.Of course, no place in Afghanistan can be described as safe but the pilots of the Apache attack helicopters are less at risk.

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