Honours even in US presidential race so far

United States President Barack Obama. Photo: Kerim Okten/PA Archive/Press Association Images

After tens of millions of dollars spent on negative advertising, two conventions, dozens of speeches, with 59 days left, where are we?

Exactly where we were before. Tied.

The polling suggests that President Obama and Mitt Romney both failed to change the dynamic of the election campaign.

Both candidates gave good but not great speeches. Both spoke in generalities and gave startlingly few policy details.

United States Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Credit: AJM/EMPICS Entertainment

Both have wonderful families and their wives spoke more eloquently than they did.

It leaves us with a gruelling campaign and the largest television advertisement blitz in political history ahead of us. Perhaps the presidential debates will provide a defining moment, allowing swing voters to shift decisively to one candidate.

But it seems more likely that the campaign will resemble trench warfare. It will make the presidential race both exciting and dispiriting at the same time. Exciting because the outcome will be unclear until election day; dispiriting because it will become overwhelmingly negative and personal.