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Stars take to the trading floor in aid of charity

Mo Farah does 'the mobot' during the charity fundraiser. Photo: Press Association

Olympic champion Mo Farah put his trading skills to the test at a charity day which raises millions of pounds for good causes in memory of those who died 11 years ago during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Global brokerage company BGC lost 658 employees in New York and, on the anniversary of the tragedy, the firm invited celebrities to help secure multimillion-pound deals at its Canary Wharf office with all profits going to charity.

Lewis Hamilton closes a deal on the trading floor. Credit: Press Association

All the traders were keen to guide Farah through his first deal and the athlete soon proved he was capable of multi-tasking under pressure as he performed his famous "mobot" with a phone pressed to his ear.

The runner was quick to join in with the frantic traders and looked like a natural as he shouted out commands such as "sell" and "how many are left?".

A roar of congratulations broke out across the trading room when Farah secured a final deal.

Alastair Campbell and The Thick Of It actor Peter Capaldi. Campbell said: "Capaldi got nine f***s in one sentence - I got eleven." Credit: Twitter/@campbellclaret

Others taking part included: Dani King, Lewis Hamilton, Richard E Grant, Gary Lineker and Sir Roger Moore.

Lewis Hamilton said: "Thank you for having me here today, I think it is incredible what everyone is doing, I'm so grateful that I could be here and I hope I help you make a little bit more money and we have a successful day."

When asked how trading under pressure compares to driving under pressure, he said: "It's a little bit more intense, there are so many people here and of course I don't understand what is going on, you're dealing with shares and everything and you don't understand all the figures they are talking about."

Olympic Gold medal winning cyclist Dani King on the trading floor. Credit: Press Association

Gold medal-winning cyclist Dani King was soon surrounded by traders as she did her best to raise money.

She said: "It's been crazy today and it's all been for such amazing causes and I'm really happy to be a part of it."

King was one of the many Olympic and Paralympic athletes to take part in the Greatest Team Parade around central London.

She said: "The amount of people that were lining the streets of London was fantastic, it wasn't just the 6,000 people supporting us in the velodrome, yesterday I could see how many people were supporting us from their homes, it was just great and a day I will never forget.

"We need to support the other unsung heroes so I would encourage anyone to come here and help and raise more money for charity."

Gary Lineker helps to raise money for charities across the world. Credit: Press Association .

Sports personality Gary Lineker looked at home as he sat comfortably behind the trading desks with a phone pressed to one ear.

He was supporting Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and said: "I did one deal for $850 million, I'm not quite sure who gets it and where it went, it all sounded very much like a foreign language to me but it was great fun and I pulled it off so I was quite happy with it.

"The charity I'm here to support is obviously very significant, blood cancer is something my child had when he was very young. If it weren't for people raising money like we are today he would not have had the chance in life like he now has, so I'm really happy to be here and to raise much-needed cash so we can make a difference to so many other people who have these kind of diseases."

The day will raise money for numerous charities across the world, with the day's special guests making 'trades' throughout the day. Company revenues will be donated to charity.

Approximately $12million was donated to charity following the event last year.

Richard E Grant on the trading floor. Credit: Press Association

BGC's charity day will take place across the company's global offices, including New York, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo, and to date the event has raised more than £48 million.

Sir Roger Moore takes to the phones. Credit: Press Association