What to expect from today's new iPhone launch

Apple has given little away about what will change from the current iPhone 4S. Photo: Apple

i-expectations are peaking, but what will the new Apple mobile actually deliver?

I've begged, bribed and bullied - but nobody will show me the long awaited new iPhone.

Indeed the press officer at Apple could barely disguise her titter as I cheekily requested an advance model for "the purposes of journlistic review".

This is a corporation that is secret to its core in advance of these launches.

So here's the best I can offer - a set of predictions based on numerous briefings from the industry and beyond.

  • 4G

the superfast mobile broadband is opening up even in sluggish Britain.

It's time Apple offered a phone able to use the new speeds.

It must be cautious - 4G claims for the iPad proved to be a big disappointment.

The problem is that different countries use a variety of technical standards for 4G - and they are not mutually compatible. 4G on UK iPhones would unleash a new horizon for everything the Apple empire is peddling - from music and movies to thousands of quick download apps. It would also boost the rapid take up of the new network here.

The second-generation iPhone 3G was introduced in 2008.

What they have done for phones and computers they now aim to do with banking.

A way for Apple users to pay using their phones would give the tech firm a slice of a massive new market.

Rivals are already in on the act. Apple would be jointing the likes of Visa and Paypal in the growing battle for cashless transactions.

Especially in the UK the growth has been held back by consumers' fears over security. The entry of a big trusted brand like Apple could actually be good for the whole sector - as it could use the power of it's loyal customer base to make digital payments more mainstream. I'd bet digital money on this one.


Already many rival manufacturers offer bigger screen sizes.

An expansion here would enable bigger and better gaming, for example.

Changes in shape and aspect ratio could promote a new generation of apps written to capitalise on the available capacity.

I'm speaking to UK developers already full of new ideas for taking advantage of any changes.

The iPhone 4S, the product's was launched

Rumours abound of 18% shaved from the already skinny physique of the iPhone.

If they achieve that it will be a great testament to the hard work of research and development engineers - to subtract from an already slender handset would be quite a coup.

But they must beware, some customers are wary of phones so light they are easily lost down the sofa.


This would be needed anyway to support the power hungry 4G beast.

They need the power to offer fast mobile downloads along with voice communication for the length of a typical user's digital day.

Along with a new battery would come a new recharge arrangement.

Here there is scope for Apple to unleash its legendary sense of fun and creativity - rivals such as Samsung already have the ability to recharge by placing your phone on a pillow for example.

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