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'Green on Blue' attacks increase in Afghanistan

British soldiers are among those who died in a recent spate of killings in Afghanistan. Photo: REUTERS/Omar Sobhani

It's been revealed that two British soldiers killed this weekend were lured to their deaths by a man wearing an Afghan police uniform - who feigned injury before shooting them.

The disclosure came on the same day four American soldiers were killed in another case of Afghan recruits turning their guns on NATO forces.

There has been a spate of killings over the last few days in the country.

ITV News' Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship reports on the recent spate of attacks:

A weekend of deadly attacks began on Friday night, when 15 insurgents disguised in US army uniforms killed two Marines, wounded nine other people and destroyed six Harrier fighter jets at a major US base in the south, military officials said.

On Saturday, a gunman in the uniform of a government-backed militia force shot dead two British soldiers in Helmand province in the south west.

The US is days away from completing the first stage of its own drawdown, withdrawing 33,000 troops that were part of a military surge three years ago. The US will remain with about 68,000 troops at the end of September.

The number of members of UK forces to have died since operations in Afghanistan began in October 2001 now stands at 430.