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Samsung mocks Apple users ahead of iPhone 5 launch

Apple fans are portrayed as coffee-cup-carrying technophobes. Photo: Samsung

Having lost a bitter and enormously expensive war in the courts with Apple over patents, Samsung has taken an open swipe at its technology rival's fans days before the iPhone 5 goes on sale.

The ad ridicules supposed Apple fans as coffee-cup-carrying technophobes whose desire for the latest product blinds them to the new device's apparent limitations.

Scores are seen lining up outside Apple-like shops in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles long before the latest launch, trading empty thoughts about the new product.

Eventually, of course, they become envious of passing friends who own a Galaxy S III, Samsung's leading competitor to the iPhone 5. The Apple device goes on sale Friday.

Despite a lukewarm critical response, the iPhone 5 is tipped to become the best-selling gadget in history, potentially generating more than £22 billion in sales for the Californian tech giant.

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