Nick Clegg gives go-ahead to release 'I'm sorry' song remix

A video that shows the Deputy Prime Minister singing "I'm sorry" is to be released as a single on iTunes.

Nick Clegg's apology over his pledge to scrap university tuition fees was quickly picked up by satirical website The Poke and turned into an auto-tune remix.

Mr Clegg apologised to voters yesterday evening for breaking his party's election promises on tuition fees.

In a televised address due to be used at the party conference on Saturday, the leader of the Liberal Democrats pledged to learn from his "mistakes" and not make an election pledge he cannot keep.

Following the apology, The Poke, which parodies current news asked the Lib Dems for permission to release the song as a single:


We'd love the @libdems to give us permission to release this as a single on iTunes. All profits to worthy education causes?

Mr Clegg responded to the site later on, granting them permission to use the video:

Aides said he had requested all profits be given to Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust. Mr Clegg's wife Miriam is a patron of the hospital.

A source close to Mr Clegg later told ITV News that he found the remix "very funny". The source said

Nick saw it and he thought that it was very funny. But he also thinks it is an admittedly unusual way of getting the message out to more people.

That was the idea of doing (the apology) in the first place. To boot, it is going to make money for the charity.

ITV News Political Correspondent Alex Forrest reports:

The Poke said they were "stunned" by the response. The satirical site has already received thousands of hits.


We're sorry - but the huge volume of traffic to Nick Clegg saying sorry has crashed our massive server for the 5th time this morning


The speed of all this nonsense is mindblowing. I finished the Clegg remix at about 3 am this morning. Thank you Tim Berners Lee!