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Australian is first person in world to own an iPhone5

Aussie Todd Foot holds up the new iPhone Photo:

Apple users have been camping outside stores around the world to buy the iPhone5 - the company's latest smart phone.

The first person to get their hands on the new device was an Australian - Todd Foot - who been camping outside the Apple store in Sydney since Tuesday.

Frenzy around the new iPhone5 has been building over the last week - as thousands of fans queued up in-front of stores in Chicago, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

People wait in line to buy the new iPhone 5 outside an Apple Store in Tokyo Credit: Reuters
Apple fans wrap up in blankets and sleeping bags in Chicago Credit: Reuters
Fans sleeping outside the Apple store in Chicago, Illinois Credit: Reuters
Fans play with their mobile phones outside an Apple store in Sydney Credit: Reuters

Hundreds of fans have also been queuing up outside Apple stores in London - ahead of today's launch.

Queues gather outside the Apple store in Regent Street, London
Ryan Williams from Swanley and Peter King from Tunbridge queue first and second in line to raise money for Cancer Research Credit: Reuters

Many of them have been tweeting their excitement of getting their hands on the new iPhone.

The launch has not been without controversy as some users have cited inaccuracies in Apple's new mapping software.

The software reportedly has misspelt and misplaced the names and locations of many towns and cities.

Apple opted to stop using Google Maps on its products in June in favour of a different system, using map data from navigation specialist TomTom instead.

A search for Battersea Bridge in London brought up a law firm in Newton Abbot Credit: Apple Maps

The information has already been installed on the new iPhone 5, which goes on sale today, and is packaged with iOS6.

Apple has yet to comment on the reported failings and TomTom told the BBC that it only provided map data and was not responsible for how it worked on Apple devices.

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