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Autumn joins us with a bang: A look ahead to this week's weather

Giant waves in Sunderland today as the country is hit by gale force winds. Photo: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The first day of autumn lulled us into a false sense of security, after a warm sunny Saturday, we had a very wet Sunday.

The floodgates have opened to unsettled weather, for some it’s a bit of a shock to the system.

What will the weather be like this week?

Well one area of low pressure will stay with us all week.

It started it’s life last week near the Azores islands, gathering warm humid air as it moved north to our shores.

For the start of the week low pressure will sit smack bang over the centre of the UK, before taking a slow wander around the country and finally clearing away by the end of the week.

Heavy rain and strong winds will feature highly in this week's forecasts.

Today northern England, North Wales and southern Scotland will have heavy and persistent rainfall with 20-40mm on average and up to 70mm in 24 hours.

Torrential rain will move from South West England to central and eastern parts of Britain.

Strong blustery winds for many will move up to 50-60mph inland and up to 60-70 mph around exposed coastlines.

Flood warnings in Britain today are pictured in red and flood alerts in orange. Credit: Environment Agency

The combination of wind and rain along with trees in full leaf could mean more fallen branches, leaving blocked drains and lots of spray on the roads - leading to further travel disruption and localised flooding.

North East England will have some of the most torrential rain later on Monday as the area will be exposed to gale force easterly winds, which will ‘pep up’ the rain, especially over the high ground.

We could see up to 70mm of rainfall and an estimation of 100mm over the highest peaks wouldn't be out of the question!

Flooding in Herefordshire causes disruption to travel. Credit: ITV Central News

The rain will set into North East Scotland on Monday night and continue to fall for a good 24 hours right through Tuesday.

North-east England and Wales will see the wet and windy weather return tomorrow adding to the already high rainfall. For some over 60mm of rain has fallen in 24 hours.

Another 40mm won’t be welcome news. Elsewhere we will have heavy blustery and thundery showers.

On Wednesday the gale force winds will ease but it will still be windy. The torrential rain in the north will ease and be less widespread but it will still be wet with further thundery showers for many.

Later on in the week Thursday and Friday will see a weak ridge of high pressure build from the west, cutting off showers of activity. For most this means quieter weather with more sunshine and lighter winds.

How about the weekend?

It’s too early to say for sure. However the signs are that high pressure is there to start and low pressures are lining up across the Atlantic to bring yet more wet and windy weather.

Severe gales and strong winds strike the Northumberland coastline. Credit: Severe gales and strong winds strike the Northumberland coastline. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Is this unusual?

In a word no! Autumn is the time of year when we see the return of wet and windy weather. It’s down to two things; firstly the jet stream (which traditionally in summer sits to our north) starts to sink back south, which brings an increased risk of bringing weather systems across the UK.

Secondly, we still have the warmth of summer with us but the colder air to the north trying to filter in, where they meet this causes wind and rain too.

My advice, stay tuned to the latest weather forecast, allow extra time for your journeys and keep a brolly handy all week, if you can hold onto it that is!

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