Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell has given a masterclass in how to make things worse

Statements on camera from ministers under pressure are supposed to clear things up.

Andrew Mitchell just gave a masterclass in how to make things worse.

He arrived at the office this morning -unconvincingly delivered in a small hatchback (it may be his car but I'd be surprised) - and refused to say whether or not he swore at the police.

He also refused to confirm if he called the officer a "pleb."

He then ignored questions from reporters who were trying to pin him down on what exactly were the words used in that exchange at the gates to Downing Street last week.

He did say he had not use the words which "have been attributed to me" but frankly he needs to spell it out in a bit more detail.

This was intended to be a statement which would close the story down.

Instead it has given it longer legs.

And it remains the case that either the government's Chief Whip (ironically the man in charge of disciplining MPs) did use the "f" and "p" word in Downing Street. Or he's accusing the police officers of lying.

Neither of which puts him in a great place.