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President Obama's ambition to go back to school

United States President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama take part in a recording of the "The View" chat show in New York. Photo: A J Sisco/Reuters

In their first joint interview on America's daytime television talk show circuit, Barack Obama has revealed he wants to become a teacher again after politics, while the First Lady admitted she is not "patient" enough to become a future US President.

Appearing on ABC’s pre-recorded “The View” show, which airs today, Mr Obama said his immediate priority was securing enough votes to win a second term in office with 43 days to go until the election, but declared he "missed teaching".

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In a post-presidency, the thing that I think I would enjoy most is spending time working with kids.

I love teaching. I miss teaching and I’m not sure necessarily it will be in a classroom, but the idea to be able to go around to various cities and helping to create mentorships and apprenticeships and just giving young people the sense of possibility.

– Barack Obama

Mr Obama, who taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004.

Pressed on whether First Lady Michelle Obama would like to become president herself one day, the 48-year-old lawyer rejected the interviewer's question, despite her husband saying that she would be "terrific" in the job.

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"Look, I mean Michelle would be terrific, but temperamentally I just don’t think that’s something she….," said the President.

"No, it’s absolutely true," the First Lady said.

Barbara Walters, the television host replied: "Why?"

"It takes a lot of patience to be the President of the United States and I’m not that patient. You know, I am not," said Michelle.