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Report: Air Ambulance Helicopter Teams undertake 19,000 missions each year

Air Ambulance undertakes over 19,000 missions each year Photo: Daybreak

To mark National Air Ambulance Week, Daybreak's Health Editor Dr Hilary Jones gets exclusive access to the Air Ambulance team.

Dr Hilary experiences first hand the Air Ambulance service in action when he joins the Essex and Herts trust for the day.

On the mission he witnesses a callout involving a 14-year-old schoolboy hit by a lorry. The boy survives with minor injuries.

Air Ambulance says it wants to draw attention to the life-saving work it provides on a daily basis.

Each year, nationally, it undertakes 19,000 missions each year and serves 177 accident and emergency departments;

  • 40% road traffic collisions.
  • 24% other medical emergencies.
  • 3% hospital transfers.

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