Ten things we learnt from Nick Clegg's speech

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg delivers his keynote speech to the Liberal Democrat Annual Conference. Photo: PA Wire

You probably had more important things to do than listen to Nick Clegg's speech this afternoon, so here are a few thoughts:

  • 1. He's a good speaker, but this wasn't a vintage performance.
  • 2. It was intellectually interesting, though, and strategically clear.
  • 3. The Lib Dems are placing themselves slap bang in the centre of British politics. Not a bad place to be.
  • 4. His election strategy is clear; you don't want a cabinet full of the likes of either Andrew Mitchell or Ed Balls.
  • 5. Or to put it in his words; you can't trust Labour on the economy or the Tories on society.
  • 6. This strikes me as a potentially quite a compelling argument for floating voters.
  • 7. Given that there is no evidence we feel inclined to give either of the big parties a majority any time soon, he might be here to stay.
  • 8. There is a reasonable chance therefore that, one way or another, he might outlast Cameron in office.
  • 9. I know a lot of you won't want to hear this, but I think the arguments for it are quite compelling.
  • 10. If there is a revival in the Lib Dems fortunes, I think it will come in the last week of the election campaign. Only then will people focus on the true nature of the choice.

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