Cameron's olive branch to Argentina

David Cameron looks over Rio de Janeiro Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/Press Association Images

David Cameron hinted today that he hopes to see relations with Argentina improve.

Accepting self-determination in the Falklands was crucial, he insisted. But he then told me there was scope for a better understanding when I asked him whether the Falklands legacy had damaged brand Britain in South America.

He stressed the Falkland islanders must be given the freedom to determine their own future:

Next year the Falkland Islanders are holding a referendum, and they are going to speak very clearly about their future. Now let's let them decide, but all of the signals indicate that they will vote overwhelmingly for the status quo. If they understand that, there’s no reason why Britain and Argentina can’t have perfectly cordial and sensible relations.

The Prime Minister said he was hoping to build on the success of the London 2012 Olympics to help strengthen links between Brazil, the sixth biggest economy in the world, and the UK. He said:

The British brand has never been stronger. We put on an incredible show in London in 2012, that was a fantastic advertisement for modern Britain and all that we can achieve.

The Prime Minister also visited some of the poorer neighbourhoods in Rio today where a British charity has set up a boxing academy.