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Stingray picture hailed the 'best photobomb ever'

The three women appear to have be caught off-guard by the stingray. Photo:

A picture appearing to show three terrified women being pounced on by a stingray has been hailed the "best photobomb ever" on social networking sites.

It is thought that the trio had just finished snorkling in the Cayman Islands when the fish caught them off-guard with a hilarious photobomb.

However, many have commented on the fact that the picture, which was posted on Reddit earlier this week, appears to show a man in the water behind the women lifting the stingray up.

It has also been noted that the two women standing close to the action do not seem too concerned that the stingray has leapt on the unsuspecting victims.

It has been reported that the image originated from Stingray City, a popular tourist destination where swimmers are encouraged to feed the sea creatures.