Europe achieves the improbable in the Ryder Cup

Kaymer celebrates winning his match against U.S. golfer Stricker to retain the Ryder Cup for Europe Photo: Jeff Haynes / Reuters

The NBC network is describing it as "improbable...a shocking finish for the Americans."

The New York Times calls the riveting European rally an "historic comeback...a brutal loss for the Americans."

The Golf Channel has the best two word summary for what played out in Medinah, Illinois: "Holy Cow!"

Give credit to US Captain David Love. When asked whether he had blundered tactically, he was gracious:

"Give them (the Europeans) a lot of credit. They played very, very well. They had some hot streaks that kept them in it."

If you're an American golf fan, this hurts. And if you're a European in the United States...well, we can walk tall these next few days.

Americans like to mock Europeans for our anaemic economies. On the Presidential campaign trail, we're a punchline.

But now we've the perfect retort: Never underestimate the continent or write it off; with our backs to the wall, we achieve the improbable.

And the perfect evidence is how Europe performed over the weekend on the tees, fairways and greens of Illinois, silencing critics and stunning America.

What a summer this wraps up: the Olympics, the Paralympics, Andy Murray's US Open triumph and the Ryder Cup.

Who now wants to bet against Europe?

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