Working to prevent 'green on blue' attacks in Afghanistan

A British soldier dances to the beat of an Afghan drum Credit: ITV News

While a British soldier stands sentry outside a small Afghan police station, other soldiers are inside - dancing.

The troops are from the 3rd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment. A fortnight ago two of their own were shot dead by an Afghan policemen they had trained and thought a friend.

Strange as it may seem the response to the killings by the turncoat has been to get even closer to the Afghan police.

Commanders believe tighter bonds will mitigate the risk of further insider attacks.

Dancing to the beat of an Afghan policeman's drum Credit: ITV News

Hence the dance moves to the beat of a policeman's drum.

The police station was in fact a joint British/Afghan base until last Thursday when it became the responsibility of the locals alone.

The Brits have come back to see how the police are coping on their own.

In the last six months more than fifty bases have been vacated by the British, making way for the Afghans in them to go solo.

But it has the feel of parents rather than chicks leaving the nest.

British army protection is welcomed by the Afghan army and police.

The British are never far away and their continued presence is reassuring for the locals.

Whether or not the Afghan police and army will be able to resist the Taliban without British back-up remains an open question.