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What voters in Corby thought of Ed Miliband's speech

abour Party leader Ed Miliband delivers his keynote speech to delegates at Manchester Central . Photo: PA Wire

ITV News watched Ed Miliband's keynote speech with a group of voters who live in Corby, Northamptonshire, where his promises will have been closely scrutinised.

The marginal seat of Corby and Northamptonshire is being hotly contested after Louise Mensch announced she is to step down, prompting a by-election.

ITV News Correspondent Romilly Weeks reports:

The election is due to take place in November and we heard what the voters in the constituency thought of the Labour leader's speech.

Nicola Mola watched Ed Miliband's speech with ITV News.

Nicola Mola, a teacher, said that "in time of hardship it was important to point out inequalities" and this will have resonated with many people.

Marcus Learoyd spoke to ITV News after the keynote speech and said it seemed "incredibly thin on policy".

Businessman Marcus Learoyd added that the Mr Miliband was "incredibly thin on policy" in his speech. He added: "It was break-up the banks and that was it."

Michelle Lynch told ITV News she thought Ed Miliband's delivery was "very clever".

However, Michelle Lynch, a healthcare team leader, said it was "very clever the way he delivered the speech".

She said: "I thought it was clever the way he started the speech talking about the family which is relevant to everyone and then went on to talk about one nation."

Mark Rogers said he thought Ed Miliband seemed "plastic" when he delivered his speech.

Surveyor Mark Rogers said he thought Mr Miliband was "plastic". He added: "He reminded me of a Nick Park character. But he engaged me and looked straight down the camera and kept calling me his friend but I'm not sure I want to be his friend."