Blue Labour? The Conservative party must be fuming

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper Photo:

I've only just arrived at the Labour Party conference here in Manchester.

Yvette Cooper's just come off the stage and throughout her speech I had to keep reminding myself this was not a Tory conference - despite the blue background and the 'One Nation' headline.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper delivering her keynote speech

The Shadow Home Secretary didn't just evoke the spirit of Sir Robert Peel - you know that 19th century Tory Home Secretary and later Prime Minister who established the police.

Ms Cooper named him several times in her speech, concluding "what happened to the party of Peel?"

That will hurt the Conservatives and in particular David Cameron.

Yesterday labour leader Ed Miliband talked openly about another 19th century Tory, Benjamin Disraeli.

The Conservative party must be fuming with all this talk, under the banner 'One Nation'.

And that's just what Labour wants.

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