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Bombastic Boris targets 'bewitched' government over aviation

Boris Johnson has been setting out his arguments pro a new hub airport for London and anti a third runway at Heathrow this morning.

Planes queue to take off on the southern runway at Heathrow Airport Credit: Press Association

In fine bombastic Boris style he described himself as an aeronautical Bill Cash, unable to let go until he had changed the status quo.

Asked why the Government seemed to want to kick the issue into the long grass he said that a brilliant and well funded campaign by BAA (for a third runway) seemed to have bewitched part of the Government - but his alternative ship was moving and he was getting some wind behind it today.

Mixed metaphors all his.

Just ahead of the Tory Party Conference he was however careful to express loyalty to the Prime Minister, declaring David Cameron will win the next election and win it well.

That amid widespread speculation that his speech to Conference to could overshadow the PM's.