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Obama attacks 'reckless' Romney in new campaign ad

The Obama ad runs a series of negative press quotes over clips of Mr Romney. Photo: Obama for America

A new advert on behalf of Barack Obama has sought to discredit his presidential challenger Mitt Romney on foreign affairs, billing the Republican candidate as out of his depth and hot-headed.

Released before Mr Romney makes a keynote foreign policy speech in Virginia, the "Obama for America" advert attacks his opponent for his "gaffe-filled" tour of Europe and "knee-jerked" response to last month's attack on US diplomats in Libya.

The Obama team's promotional runs a series of condemning press quotes over clips of Mr Romney and says even fellow Republicans agree he has failed to credibly deal with international affairs during the campaign run.

Watch the ad below:

Mr Romney was criticised for his quick criticism of President Obama in the wake of the Benghazi embassy attack, at a point when the fate of the American staff was still unresolved.

The Republican's campaign suffered another heavy hit when leaked footage saw him condemning Obama voters as "victims" while addressing a dinner crowd.

But his flagging campaign received a boost following a strong performance in the first of the candidates' television debates, breathing new life into the election race ahead of next month's polls.

Mitt Romney clawed back ground in the race after the first US presidential debate in Denver. Credit: Rick Wilking / Reuters

Mr Romney will vow to pursue a more aggressive policy toward the Middle East if elected in his speech at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, part of what his advisers describe as a "peace through strength" doctrine.

He will repeat criticism of President Obama's handling of matters in Libya, Iran, Syria and the Arab-Israeli dispute.

The second presidential debate, at New York state's Hofstra University on October 16, will cover both domestic and foreign policy in a town hall format.