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Boost in the polls for Romney after an impressive debate

Mitt Romney is beginning to feel a lift in the polls. Photo: Reuters

There's a spring in his step and a bounce in the polls. Mitt Romney's on a roll.

The Republican candidate is beginning to feel a lift in the polls thanks to his impressive performance in last week's debate when he dominated not only the room but also the conversation afterwards.

One survey has Romney five points ahead of the president. Recently the same poll had him eight points down. The same survey shows an 18 point swing in Romney's favour amongst women, an area where he was trailing badly.

And expect the challenger to keep hitting Obama on foreign policy issues, the subject of the next presidential debate in New York state.

In a speech on Monday he said that the president had made America less safe than four years ago, and credited the killing of Osama Bin Laden to "military and intelligence professionals", not to President Obama.

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama shake hands at the start of the first presidential debate. Credit: Reuters

Perhaps most significantly his performance has the Republican grass roots fired up and ready to vote. From a candidate who was the reluctant choice of the party, the debate has made Mitt the man they are happy to fight for.

Romney is in Ohio today, where an average of polling from Real Clear Politics shows the president ahead by three points. If that gap closes in the next few days, expect to see him there a lot more in the weeks to come.

Perhaps it is no surprise, then, that Obama is also flying into the "Buckeye State" today, following a round of fundraising in California. The president is using his poor performance as a joke in his stump speech, but anything like that showing next week and the Democrats could be in real trouble.

The candidates for the vice presidency are locked away in another day of preparation for their face off on Thursday. Joe Biden is at home in Delaware and Paul Ryan is on a four day debate camp in Virginia, some of it held on an indoor tennis court.

Vice President Joe Biden is preparing for a face off against rival Paul Ryan. Credit: Reuters

Ryan is playing up his opponents debating skills, a common tactic in the days before a debate.

The vice president has undoubtedly got the skills from a long career in the US Senate to not only talk his way out of a paper bag but also to talk himself into trouble.

Last week he said that the middle class has been "buried" over the last four years, a comment that the Republicans jumped on with glee.

But his running mate needs him to put in a good performance like never before, to help lift the gloom that still lingers over Obama following the debacle in Denver.

Coming to Obama's aid over the next few days is the last Democrat president, relishing the challenge and the fight for the party he once led. Bill Clinton is appearing across the country at a series of rallies, and if anyone can lift the spirits of the average Obama supporter it is him.

He knows a thing or two about comebacks, and with exactly four weeks to go that's just what the president needs.