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Boris pledges loyalty to 'broom' David Cameron

Boris Johnson addresses delegates. Photo: Press Association

Boris Johnson has pledged his loyalty to the Prime Minister today, telling delegates at the Conservative Party conference David Cameron will win the 2015 election.

In his keynote speech delivered in Birmingham, the Mayor of London hailed the "fantastic job" being done by Mr Cameron.

Earlier, speaking of Boris on ITV1's Daybreak, the Prime Minister said it he thought it was great "we have got someone with rock-star status in the Tory party."

And that 'rock-star status' was highlighted ahead of his speech when delegates queued over two levels in a bid to claim a seat for the address.

Delegates queue to watch Boris' speech. Credit: Press Association

During the speech, Mr Johnson said he was pleased the Prime Minister referred to him as a 'blond haired mop', because it was often the job of the Conservative Party to "clear things up after the Labour binge has got out of control".

The Mayor of London then went further by referring to David Cameron and a number of Cabinet Minsters as household instruments:

Mr Johnson also told delegates that London's reach across the world was vast. From South Korea's biggest musical export, 'Gangnam Style' to making chocolate Hobnobs, the Mayor of London listed the capital's wide-reaching influences.

In a speech studded with jokes, Mr Johnson called for the "can do" attitude of the Olympics to be applied to the economy, with British firms becoming "gold medal winners".

Referring to the "gloom" of the pre-Olympic weeks, Mr Johnson said: "The buses were on strike, the taxi drivers were blockading the West End, one of them actually handed the keys of his cab to a police guy and jumped off Tower Bridge ... I wish some of the others could have done the same.

ITV News Political Correspondent Libby Wiener reports:

"Thousands of the security staff seemed mysteriously to have found other things to do and the weathermen were predicting cataclysmic inundations for the night of the opening ceremony."

But then a "giant hormonal valve was opened in the minds of the people" and people were "suffused with a Ready Brek glow of happiness".

Boris Johnson leaves the stage after addressing delegates. Credit: Press Association

Mr Johnson said, to cheers: "Just as we all fought this year together to keep London from lurching back into the grip of a cabal of semi-Marxist taxpayer-funded Chateauneuf du Pape-swilling tax minimisers and car-hating bendy-bus fetishists, I will fight - I will join you in the fight - to keep this country from lurching back into the grip of the two Eds - unreformed, unpunished, unrepentant about what they did to the economy and the deficit they racked up.

David Cameron laughs at Boris Johnson's speech. Credit: Press Association

"We need to move forward now from the age of excess under Labour, through the age of austerity to a new age of enterprise in which we do what we did during the Olympics and build a world-beating platform for Britain, for British people and businesses to compete and win and we need to do it now and we need to start here under the Conservatives."

On several occasions, Mr Johnson had delegates in gales of laughter with his exuberant delivery.