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David Blaine finishes 72 hour 'Electrified' stunt

David Blaine during his stunt Photo: Andrew Burton / Reuters

He has been buried alive, frozen, drowned alive, and now David Blaine can add being 'electrified' to his list.

The daredevil magician has completed his latest stunt which involved him being zapped with a million volts of electricity for three days while wearing a custom made metal suit and wire helmet.

The "Electrified" stunt required Blaine to stand on a 20-foot high platform at Pier 54 on Manhattan's West Side, within a Tesla coil apparatus that continually zapped him with electric currents.

After he finished his challenge, Blaine was taken to hospital for a check-up, NBC News reports.

Earlier, he had tweeted:

Blaine's producer, Stephen Chao has spoken about his struggle to stay conscious during the final hours of the stunt.

Ahead of the stunt, Blaine said:

Being exposed to an electromagnetic field for that length of time for three days and three nights has never been done.

So it's obviously going to effect - we're made out of electrons, neurons, so it's going to affect everything that I'm made out of.

So we don't know actually what the effect is.