Cameron's compassionate speech in tough, difficult times

In a highly personal speech today, David Cameron will try to explain his values to his party and the country.

David Cameron will deliver his speech to the Tory Conference this morning Credit: Press Association

He'll speak of the debt he owes to his father and of how he believes strong families are crucial to getting through tough times. Emphasising that there's nothing complicated about him, he will stress how compassion is a key part of his philosophy.

Many will see this as a direct answer to Ed Miliband's speech at the Labour conference in Manchester last week, when he talked - without notes - about his life story and the influence of his parents.

Ed Miliband during his keynote speech to Labour delegates in Manchester Credit: Press Association

But sources say the Prime Minister had been working on his speech for several weeks.

David Cameron will, however, highlight what he feels are the differences between the parties, claiming that only his government is prepared to take the hard decisions that need to be taken.

In his speech, he will say:

It's tough. These are difficult times. We're being tested. How will we come through it? Again, it's not complicated. Hard work. Strong families. Taking responsibility. Serving others.