British Gas to announce price hikes as early as tomorrow

British Gas is the biggest provider of energy to households in the country. Photo: PA Wire

British Gas, the biggest provider of energy to households in the country, is likely to hike its prices as early as tomorrow.

SSE announced a few weeks ago that they would be increasing prices by nine percent.

I understand British Gas, owned by Centrica, will follow them putting up bills by nearly as much, adding as much as £100 to the average dual fuel bill.

The company will not comment officially, but the announcement will rile consumer groups, and disappoint the government, who have continually tried to put pressure on the energy companies to keep bills down.

Most of all it will make it harder for many households to make ends meet.

Increases across the industry would also put pressure on inflation, which the Bank of England had managed to get down back near its two percent target.

But with rising energy bills and rising food prices, that improvement could start to go into reverse.

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