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Rod Stewart: I'm a wonderfully expensive mistake

After six decades in music and record sales in excess of 200 million, Rod Stewart has been speaking about how he is a "wonderfully expensive mistake".

Rod Stewart performs in concert at Elland Road, Leeds. Credit: Press Association

Speaking to Daybreak's Ross King at his Beverly Hills home, the singer reveals how his parents, Bob and Elsie, never actually planned to have him - describing him as a "fairly lucrative slip-up".

His brother, Don, added: "It was a wonderfully expensive mistake".

Stewart, who was speaking about his forthcoming autobiography, also reveals details about his famous love life.

Despite keeping "hundreds" of names out of the book, he tells how his split with Rachel Hunter was so painful, he had to put a hot water bottle on his chest to deal with the pain.

Model Rachel Hunter Credit: Press Association

Rod Stewart also spoke about his scare with throat cancer.

But he played down talk of a health battle, because his diagnosis and subsequent treatment happened so quickly.