British Gas confirms 6% price hike

British Gas has confirmed it will be increasing energy prices. Photo: Press Association

In the last few minutes British Gas has confirmed they are putting their energy prices up for this winter.

Bills will go up by six percent - for the average dual fuel bill of £1,188 that is an increase of £71.28.

But why? Consumer groups will be furious that many of British Gas' 16 million customers will find it harder to keep up with the bills, skeptical the companies aren't really trying hard enough to keep costs down.

The explanation from the industry will be simply it is costing them more to do business - having to spend more on infrastructure to keep the lights on and the switch to greener energy.

The boss of Centrica, which owns British Gas, warned earlier this year this price increase might have to happen. But that will not go far to make it easier for those who struggle to pay the bills, which after a decade when they have doubled, just keep on going up.

British Gas managing director Phil Bentley answers ITV News viewers questions, following the company's price hike announcement:

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