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Mixed weather expected for the weekend

The sun rises over the giant sculpture by Sean Henry off the coast of Northumberland at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea Photo: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

Well another weekend is with us and yet again we have the same issues as the last few.

So how is it looking? Well generally it doesn’t look too bad.

We should all see some sunshine and it won’t be a wash out, but for the far north of Scotland you are likely to have at least one day of wet weather but with optimism for a drier day on Sunday.

People enjoying the sunshine with the autumal leaves on the Quasyside in Newcastle Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

So Saturday, well it’s not a great start for North East Scotland where it will have started raining in the early hours of Friday morning and will still be raining on Saturday, probably only easing during the afternoon, so a good 36 hours of rain fall.

Not a surprise that with such persistent rain there is an Amber weather warning in force today, we could have up to 80mm of rain fall in total, this is likely cause some travel disruption and possibly localised flooding.

A board surfer enjoys the waves as the sun rises over Tynemouth beach Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

Away from here the forecast is sunshine and showers. The winds are light and from the west, so this means western areas are most likely to have the heaviest and most frequent showers, while sheltered eastern areas will have more sunshine than showers.

So take an umbrella as showers are hit and miss but there shouldn’t be too many and they won’t be too heavy. In the sunshine and out of the breeze, it will actually feel quite pleasant.

Sunday gets a bit more complicated. Firstly there is an improvement in the north.

The rain band from Saturday will have cleared Scotland so a drier day in store with sunshine and a few showers, though nothing too heavy and the same is true for Northern Ireland.

Stirling Castle surrounded in early morning mist Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

England and Wales is a little more uncertain, especially in the far south. Away from here it’s easy, a chilly start with sunshine that will last all day long and it will stay dry.

For the far southwest we are at risk of some heavy rain overnight, and we are watching a developing weather front and its course keeps changing, it currently looks like it will run through the English Channel during Sunday.

So still be prepared for rain in the south, but don’t be surprised if you too are dry.

Temperatures will be fairly typical for mid October, 11-13C by day and low single figures by night allowing a rural ground frost for sheltered northern areas.

You can find the latest weather warnings for your area at the following website:

The weather forecast for Saturday 13th October Credit: Met Office
The weather forecast for Sunday 14th October Credit: Met Office