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US space shuttle cruises through Los Angeles

The US space shuttle Endeavour is on its final journey, a 14-mile drive through the centre of Los Angeles.

ITV News' Ria Chatterjee reports:

The retired shuttle, which at its peak travelled at speeds eclipsing 170,000mph, is to be rehomed at the city's local museum, the California Science Center.

The shuttle's journey began at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday, and hundreds of spectators have lined the streets to watch it travel slowly through the city's streets.

After an initial bumpy ride and a brief delay, the shuttle pulled off a massive feat of parallel parking by backing into a shopping centre car park for a layover as crowds cheered on.

Due to the shuttle's 122ft by 78ft frame and tail height, which is the equivalent to a five-storey building, organisers of the event said they had to cut down trees, signs and power lines to accommodate the move.

However the science center said extra trees would be planted in place of those lost.

The space shuttle is carefully manoeuvred through Los Angeles Credit: Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn

James Nieuwdorp, who turned up to watch the Endeavour, told APTV, "It's a big community event. I was here for the flybys a couple of weeks ago and everybody came out."

"It was like everybody was together focused and enjoying it, making friends, it was a lot of camaraderie. Something that's hard to be seen these days", he added.

Crowds gather to watch the space shuttle on its journey Credit: Reuters/Pool New

After completing 25 flying missions from 1992 to 2011, the shuttle will now serve as a tourist attraction.