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A dry weekend will be followed by a blustery and wet week

Stirling Castle surrounded in early morning mist last week. Photo: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

The coming week will be marred by wet weather and some blustery winds. So for the time being its worth making the most of the quiet conditions.

Despite a few showers this afternoon, the weather remains fairly benign with some bright or sunny spells.

Temperatures will reach 14C. A cold night to come as clearing skies allow the days heat to radiated away. So temperatures could fall as low as 4C by early morning. At least Sunday morning will then dawn crisp, bright and dry with some sunshine. The cloud will build during the day but many areas should stay on the dry side.

However, for those of you in the north of the region watch for thickening cloud as this could bring the prospect of a little rain during the afternoon - just for a short time. Temperatures will hover at a similar level to today.

The beginning of the week will start dry, but later in the day thickening cloud will bring outbreaks of rain overnight into Tuesday. The band of rain on Tuesday will clear by afternoon. So this will leave a brightening picture. Wednesday will bring a cloudier scenario and also a noticeably strengthening breeze. This will lead into a blustery end to the week with rain or showers.