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Residents on a Grimsby estate blighted by poverty are forced out by fear and violence

One victim is a grandmother. One cares for her disabled husband. Another is a mother of three.

All three have lived on the Nunsthorpe Estate in Grimsby. And all three put themselves at risk by reporting crime and anti-social behaviour that took place in their community. But they paid the price, suffering revenge attacks by yobs.

Two have been driven out, and the other is trying to escape.

Exposure has spent the summer under the skin of the Nunsthorpe Estate. It's blighted by poverty, drugs and anger, but there's also aspiration, hard work and a strong sense of community.

The area has improved significantly in the last five years. Crime has fallen and the schools are improving. Despite this, decent residents are being forced out due to persistent anti-social behaviour.

Hilary Fyfe has lived on the estate for twelve years, volunteering to support her community. But this summer she was driven from their home. She'd had to put up with abuse for six years because the housing association couldn't find her a new home.

Hilary stood up to the thugs. Even after she escaped, her old home was attacked.

But she doubts the police will ever find her tormentors, because so many of her former neighbours are understandably scared of being labelled "a grass".

The son of Kerry Andrews was abused by yobs Credit: Exposure/ITV1

Kerry Andrews lived on the estate for eleven years. She's had stones thrown at her windows and soiled nappies thrown at the home that she shares with her three young children.

Kerry has also been driven from her home on the Nunsthorpe Estate.

Her son was subjected to sustained abuse by yobs simply because his sister has special needs. Kerry says the police gave little help, even though she had excrement and stones thrown at her windows.

Janet Randall, silenced by vandals Credit: Exposure/ITV1

Janet Randall has lived on the estate since she was three, and she remembers how safe and pleasant a place it once was. She and her husband, who uses a wheelchair, suffer regular abuse from local kids. They're asking that their housing association move them.

She used to report crimes to the police, but vandals silenced her by smashing her windows.

The three women all say the estate is no longer governed by the letter of the law. It's ruled by a code that tells residents not to report crime and abuse to the police. Even victims are expected to stay silent.

The Nunsthorpe is also battling serious social problems with high unemployment, and a large number of residents lack basic education and skills. Many kids are left to their own devices. Some turn to drugs. But this estate is not hopeless. It is full of community workers determined to improve the area.

Even after ex-con Steve Hill and his wife Debby were driven off the estate, they continued their mission, giving kids on the Nunsthorpe some hope.

They've organised holiday activities for kids, but they've also tried to get two local sex workers off heroin. Yet funding problems, aggressive kids and a faltering economy are conspiring against them.

Sometimes they wonder if this is a battle they can win.

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