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'Nonsense' of Scotland being ruled from Westminster will end, Salmond says

First Minister Alex Salmond delivers his welcome address. Photo: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Days after he signed an historic deal for a referendum with David Cameron, Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond has insisted the "nonsense" will end in 2014 when the country votes on independence.

ITV News' Scotland Correspondent Debi Edward reports:

Mr Salmond said Scotland was the closest it had been for 300 years to becoming independent, as he opened the Scottish National Party annual conference in Perth.

He held up a copy of the Edinburgh Agreement he signed with Mr Cameron on Monday and told activists: "Make no mistake, we intend to win this referendum for Scotland."

The First Minister went on to state: "Conference, in 2014 the nonsense ends."

Despite his confidence, a new poll published on the first day of the conference showed fewer than a third of Scots favour splitting from the UK.