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Down to the wire in the final sprint to the White House

President Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney before the first televised debate. Photo: Reuters

There are just over two weeks to go and this is shaping up to be one of the greatest election races in living memory.

Polls are showing a race that's as tight as a 100 metre sprint with rivals Mitt Romney and Barack Obama close to a dead heat in many surveys.

The Wall Street Journal said of their poll on Sunday :

A late surge in support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has put him in a dead heat with President Barack Obama. Among likely voters, the candidates are now tied, 47% to 47%, in a race that appears on track to be one of the closest in U.S. history.

The surge has come since the first debate when President put in an off colour performance, and Romney dominated.

Romney's numbers have risen in all areas in the trustworthy NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

Among men, Romney has a 10 point lead and has cut Obama's lead among women to an 8-point lead, his smallest lead among women that we've had all year long. In the Midwest, Romney has a narrow lead and among all the collective battleground states, there's a small lead for Mitt Romney.

It seems yet again that the Midwest - states like Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa - are the ticket to victory.

That's why tomorrow the president flies to Ohio and you'll see Romney there on Wednesday.

It's coming down to the wire and any slip, gaffe and wrong move could be fatal. The debate tonight gives us 90 minutes of prime time for the candidates on foreign and security policy.

Both men know it's their last big chance to pitch for the White House.