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First resident to move into the world's thinnest house

A house - which could be the thinnest in the world - has been unveiled in Poland.

The triangular property is only 150 centimetres wide and runs 10 metres deep. It even stands several metres above ground which means visitors have to climb up a metal staircase and squeeze through a hole to get in.

It was designed by Polish architect Jakub Szczesny.

A house with maximum width of 150cm Credit: APTN

The ground floor contains a toilet and bathroom, a kitchen with a sink and cupboards, a table for two, and a bean bag sofa.

Another metal ladder goes to the second floor, which has a 90 centimetre-wide bed, a table and a chair.

A staircase linking the two floors Credit: APTN

Jakub Szczesny said he designed the house three years ago to fill a narrow space between a pre-war house and a modern apartment block of the 1960s in downtown Warsaw.

I think plenty of light is the most important. So in order to eliminate the fears of the narrow space, I use the polycarbonate sheet to make roof and make walls to the maximum width. This is why the house looks so white and transparent,

– Jakub Szczesny

The house is located in an old Jewish residential area of Warsaw before World War II.

Etgar Keret, an Israeli writer of Polish roots, will be the first person to live there.

Take a video tour of the house below.